Adapt, then act: 4 priorities for HR and payroll in the COVID-19 world

May 18, 2020

You've embraced the new normal—so what's next?

As organizations continue to adapt their workforce strategies to the impacts of COVID-19, HR and payroll leaders have begun shifting from reactive, short-term responses to proactive, forward-looking measures.

Safeguard Global and Workday recently explored the tactical and strategic actions HR and payroll leaders can take to help their organizations through the next phase of crisis and redefine business success in an unpredictable new world.

In our discussion, we covered:

  • Providing stability for employees around the world
  • Complying with ongoing regulatory changes
  • Balancing cost-cutting measures with strategic initiatives
  • Forecasting and planning for an uncertain future

Our panel included:

Catherine Honey, VP of Strategic Partner Relations at Safeguard Global, focuses on the strategy and execution of HR service delivery through systems, processes, organizational alignment and business objectives.

Jessica Noe, Senior Vice President and Head of HR Operations at PineBridge Investments, oversees and evaluates HR operations and technology across the organization's 18 countries and works to ensure HR is a proactive partner to the business.

Moderator Josh Neil, Regional Sales Director at Workday, focuses on the strategy initiatives that help his teams and clients achieve success, combining technical knowledge and implementation guidance with a people-first methodology.

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