Safeguard Global acquires Global Upside to meet growing demand for workforce solutions

January 26, 2022

Safeguard Global is committed to providing our clients with best-in-class workforce management technology solutions as they evolve into Work in Any Way companies. Our recent acquisition of Global Upside Corporation, a global expansion technology and services company, marks another exciting milestone. We are now the largest employer of record (EOR) provider in global coverage and breadth of services.

The acquisition is part of our aggressive strategy to ensure our clients are ready for the future of work. It combines the momentum, complementary capabilities and reach of our two hypergrowth companies in an industry that is growing quickly to meet increasing demand for workforce management solutions.

Now we offer companies even more solutions, in-country expertise and the resources needed to recruit, hire and pay the best talent—as well as set up operations—anywhere in the world. We’re also expanding our global footprint, adding new markets and local capabilities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Building for a Work in Any Way future 

Safeguard Global is helping companies around the world adapt and grow in a fast-changing global economy. The future of work has changed, and workers now demand flexible, people-centric work experiences that allow them to work in any way, from any place. We are providing employers with the solutions they need to create meaningful work experiences for a global workforce and meet the needs and wants of top global talent.

Work in Any Way isn’t just about the work experience, though. It’s also about providing global companies with the opportunity to shape how they grow and scale their businesses and workforces internationally.

With the addition of the Global Upside Corporation capabilities, Safeguard Global is now the only company to offer organizations the technology and resources to grow compliantly with a single partner. We help them hire workers of any classification in new markets, set up their own in-country entities to directly hire when the time is right, and centralize global payroll when operating in multiple markets around the world.

Market-leading solutions 

With market-leading employment and payroll solutions, Safeguard Global equips organizations with the technology, local market expertise and service to create opportunities that attract and retain the best talent—from all around the world—and fuel their business growth. 

Is your company hiring abroad or expanding your global employee base? Here are some of the most important things to consider now when recruiting and hiring international talent.  

If you’re looking to find the best solutions for your company, Safeguard Global is here to help. 

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