How to successfully hire a software engineer in another country

April 30, 2022
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Hiring computer science professionals like software engineers involves finding highly skilled individuals who can design, build and maintain the digital software your company needs. Whether creating networks, operating systems or user-friendly mobile applications, software engineers serve a key role in the world’s ever-evolving relationship with technology.  
When it comes to hiring a software engineer, diligence and strategy are increasingly becoming key components to recruitment. Why? Because top tech companies like Alphabet and Microsoft have spent the better part of a decade hiring tech talent in droves. Their tens of thousands of tech job openings mean that candidates who could’ve taken your company to the next level may be hired before you get a chance to meet with them. That could turn into an enormous opportunity cost for you; companies that fail to recruit and retain great tech talent risk losing their edge, falling behind competitors, or even fading into obscurity.  
On the other hand, strategic recruitment can help companies secure a powerful advantage in response to the industry’s talent crunch; one effective method is to widen your pool of candidates by hiring software engineers in other countries.  

Hiring a software engineer in another country 

Recent developments in remote technology make it easier than ever for companies to hire and employ workers wherever they are located in the world. No longer an option solely for the wealthy multinational corporations who can afford it, these days, advanced HR systems, data protection solutions and distance work software enable companies at all levels to take advantage of talent pools in other countries.  
One big consideration when hiring a software engineer in another country is the method you’ll use to pay them their salary. Not only must you pay them in their local currency, but you must also be aware of and adhere to the rules of your country as well as the country your new employee(s) are located in, to ensure that employees are paid properly, taxes are paid compliantly, and employees are managed legally. 
In years past, the primary way to do business in another country and hire employees involved the lengthy, costly and complex process of establishing a business entity. Today, other solutions exist, including an employer of record (EOR), which enables you to hire, pay and onboard the right employees for your company. EORs work well for hiring remote employees and contractors, leaving you free to hire software engineers from around the world quickly (sometimes in as little as two weeks) and compliantly. 

Popular countries to hire a software engineer 

Skilled software engineers can be found all over the world, and as you consider hiring a software engineer in another country, some locations to keep an eye on include India, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, the Philippines, Argentina, Belarus, Romania and Vietnam. The IT industries in these countries are thriving and have hundreds of viable candidates to consider.  

14 key qualities to look for when hiring a software engineer 

Your employees are among the most significant investments you can make at your company, so when you’re ready to hire a software engineer, look for candidates that are equipped with the qualities and skills that can advance your company. Here are a few valuable qualities to consider:  
  1. Technical proficiency in programming languages, including Python, JavaScript and C++ 
  2. The ability to write and test quality code  
  3. Creative design solutions and optimization  
  4. Problem-solving, logical reasoning, error-finding and troubleshooting skills 
  5. Systems testing, evaluation, and improvement skills 
  6. Time and workload management skills  
  7. Communication skills 
  8. Attention to detail 
  9. Logical reasoning 
  10. Analytical thinking 
  11. Accountability 
  12. Professionalism 
  13. Teamwork 
  14. Aptitude 
In your search for software engineers, keep these qualities in mind as the foundation for quality candidates.  

10 interview questions to ask a software engineer   

Being prepared with the right questions will help you vet candidates more effectively and assess how they’ll fit into your company culture. Since hiring a software engineer in another country means they’ll be working remotely, it’s even more important to gain a sense of their experience, work style, motivation and hard and soft skill sets. 
While there are many directions you can go in when interviewing a software engineer, here are a few prompts that will provide insight into what each individual can bring to your company: 
  1. Why did you decide to become a software engineer?  
  2. What programming languages do you know/prefer? 
  3. What is your proudest achievement as a software engineer?  
  4. How do you keep your skills sharp and up to date?  
  5. How did you solve a problem you faced?  
  6. What sets you apart from other applicants for this position?  
  7. How do you balance quality with speed when delivering a project?  
  8. How do you implement your error-handling?  
  9. Describe a project you completed successfully. 
  10. What project management and team collaboration programs did your previous employers use? 
These questions, in addition to any skills assessments that may be appropriate, will give you key insight into the candidates you’re considering. 

Benefits to offer a software engineer 

Hired’s 2022 State of Software Engineers report shows that demand for software engineers is higher than ever now, meaning that employers who want to make their company attractive to candidates who have ample choice on where to work are thinking beyond salary. A candidate's decision to choose one employer over the other may come down to which company provides better benefits and incentives, in addition to a competitive salary. 
Typical benefits for a software engineer may include health insurance, paid time off, flexible pay, paid parental leave and continuing education, in addition to signing bonuses in some cases. 
Expanding beyond typical benefits, many companies are opening up to Work in Any Way, which is a flexible, unbound approach to employee management that synergizes the needs of the employee and employer. Folding people-centric aspects of company culture into your workplace—like remote or hybrid work, flexible hours, mentorship programs, reskilling opportunities and increased vacation time— can create a workplace that attracts and retains in-demand software engineers. 

Make hiring a software engineer in another country easy

When you’re ready to hire a software engineer in another country, consider an employer of record tool like Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO). Safeguard Global can be your HR partner in hiring, paying and onboarding new employees, as well as be a local HR partner in-country. 
Ready to learn more? Contact Safeguard Global today Contact Safeguard Global today to explore how Global Employment Outsourcing can make it easy for your company to hire software engineers in another country. 
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