New name, new look, same attitude

August 6, 2018 Brian Dames

The SafeGuard World International brand has served our organization nobly for a decade.  We’ve developed solutions that have never previously existed, we have created markets, and completely disrupted others.  We are proud of the SafeGuard name and everything we have accomplished.

We find ourselves in incredibly healthy markets and posting a rate of growth the company has never experienced before.  As we continue to invest in our solutions, our employees and our clients, we felt it was important to ensure we were building a foundation to continue our acceleration.  Part of that foundation was a complete refresh of our brand system.  We are now at the culmination point of months’ worth of work examining and revamping our brand.

We did our homework.  We talked to clients.  We talked to employees.  We talked to prospective clients.  We talked to partners.  We talked to investors.  We studied competitors.  We studied the best brands around the world.  We studied colors and debated individual words used in our vision and mission statements.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has meaning in our brand refresh.

When we had put together enough of the new brand elements, we went back out and talked to clients to make sure we hit the mark.

It is with great pride that I introduce Safeguard Global.

We put together  this video – it explains what I mean when I say everything has meaning for us in this brand refresh.

I have had the time of my life traveling around the world to some of our offices and presenting our brand refresh to the internal teams.  As excited as I am to launch this new brand system, my travel to our offices affirmed my belief that the logo, colors, fonts, and whatnot are only a set of tools.  We shared our final new vision, mission, values, tone, guidelines, name, mark and our employees are pumped! But those elements are just tools.

THE most important element of our brand was already in place.  Our people. They are the couriers of our brand, they are the living and breathing manifestation of who we are as a company.  We heard it loud and clear from our research.  We heard it from clients, partners, investors alike.  We have the best team in the world, period.

We are incredibly excited to kick off the next leg in our journey. I’m am honored and proud to provide the greatest team on the planet a shiny, new tool set.  I’m not going to sugarcoat this: the brand refresh project was a lot easier because of the incredible people who work here – they exude the essence of our brand every day.

This evolution of our brand gives us new protective armor and tools to fight through the noise of the market and share with our client how we will battle the complexities they face and deliver solutions the industry has never seen before.  We may have a new name and a new logo. But one thing our clients and partners can still depend upon is: We are still proud to be Guardians. We are honored to continue to serve our clients. We look forward to showing you how we are continuing to evolve and innovate to drive growth.

Welcome to Safeguard Global.



About the Author

Brian Dames

As Chief Marketing Officer, Brian leads the brand, marketing and strategic alliances programs that support the growth of Safeguard Global. Brian has more than 25 years of experience in senior marketing and product roles, developing and executing the marketing strategies for both established and growing organizations.

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